Video by Thom McDermott

"don’t miss this quirky and energetic romp by Ireland’s Sinead Cormack (...) Cormack is an entertaining and engaging movement artist who’s not afraid to create, then shatter, the image we think she’s projecting." CVV Magazine 

In/side the Box


Drake, Raleigh, Polo, Magellan, Columbus, DeGama, Cortes, Cartier and Cormack… One woman.  One map of the world.

RUN FOR YOUR LIFE explores the desire to travel in an ever changing world. What drives some of us to explore and some of us to stay?

“Sinéad Cormack has charm aplenty - it simply oozes out of her” Plank magazine

“charming and intriguing (…) the repetition is beautiful and necessary” Times Colonist

“compelling physical performer” CBC Manitoba

"an utter delight to behold, as the dangerously talented Cormack creates her own set before your eyes, dances with partners who aren’t there, occasionally defies gravity and even makes a snack break entertaining." The Visitorium

Photography by Chris Okerberg

Photo by Thom McDermott

A new work in development

Performances to be announced

Conformity. Our need to fit in. The desire for freedom.